Safety Statement

We believe in safeguarding our employees and the communities where we live and work. Our policies, procedures and programs are designed to secure the health and safety of our employees and minimize harm to the environment. To that end, personal health and safety is a constant determining factor in our project planning stages and in everyday work. To support this key value, Gemini employs full-time health and safety officers. These officers work in support of all levels of management to uphold our commitment to safety and ensure our policies are firm, unwavering and actively managed at all levels of our company.

Gemini believes that every accident is preventable and our goal is zero accidents or incidents within our company. To meet our stringent safety expectations, our employees and supervisors undergo extensive, industry recognized safety training programs that are reviewed on a regular basis.

The Gemini safety program is certified under the Alberta Certificate of Recognition program of Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry.

Safety Principles

  • We believe that all incidents are preventable, and our goal is to be a leader in our industry.
  • We are committed to support our employees with programs that will ensure both injuries to people and damage to the environment is minimized.
  • The well-being of our people begins with our employees and this safety culture works its way through the entire organization.
  • Our success is measured by how well we manage our employees’ health, safety, security and the environment.

Quality Statement

Gemini has a strong commitment to Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). Our program is designed to promote client satisfaction and eliminate re-work from the design and construction process by:

  • Understanding our client’s goals and priorities.
  • Clearly defined project procedures.
  • Continuous improvement through new efficiencies and innovations.
  • Leveraging the best technology and expertise available.

We care about our clients and are committed to satisfying their changing needs by being responsive and providing the highest quality solutions that support their businesses. We provide quality professional services that satisfy client requirements, applicable codes, and Acts and Regulations.

Quality Principles

  • We believe in delivering “on time, every time” without compromising quality.
  • We will examine our quality performance regularly throughout our organization in order to improve and effectively address the evolving needs of our clients.
  • We are committed to setting new service standards by actively listening and responding to our clients.
  • We are committed to strict adherence to our Quality Management System and all employees recognize their responsibility to utilize the continuous improvement process in every aspect of our client-focused solutions.


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