Gemini’s reclamation and remediation team provides support to contribute to our clients’ social license to operate. Our experience ensures reclamation and remediation projects are completed efficiently and within budget. The reclamation and remediation team operates out of our Calgary, Sherwood Park and Fort St. John offices. Services provided include:


Phase 1/Stage 1 & Phase 2/Stage 2 Assessments

A Canadian Standards Association (CSA) regulated assessment will be used to ensure liabilities are assessed effectively and efficiently.

Remediation Planning & Execution

Our team has the skills and capabilities to work side-by-side with you throughout the remediation process to plan, track and execute services aligned with specific site needs.

Spill Response & Clean-up

Help guide clients throughout the regulatory and reporting process, to provide effective and informed stakeholder correspondence and ensure that the spill is appropriately remediated, while providing cost control for the entire process.

Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation

Our Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation services are available for active and decomissioned sites. We plan and drill groundwater monitoring wells to assess and delineate the impacts of your project on its environment.

Detailed Site Assessments (DSA)

Our team can complete the site assessments required to support a timely reclamation certificate application.

Surface Reclamation including Reclamation Supervision, Re-Vegetation & Weed Management

Post-abandonment, our team can ensure soil, landscape and vegetation meet required regulatory standards. Experience ranges from full-size reclamation projects to simple re-contouring.

Reclamation Certificate Applications/Certificate of Restoration Applications

Once your site meets appropriate regulatory criteria for reclamation, our team can compile our clients’ application for regulatory review on a timely and accurate basis.