Gemini’s land team has the capability and expertise to meet various project needs throughout Western Canada. Our land services team operates out of our head office in Calgary, Alberta. Services provided include:

Land Acquisitions

Land Acquisition services include surface lease acquisitions, rent reviews and well site cancellations.

Pipeline Acquisitions

Pipeline Acquisition services include route planning services and field acquisitions for small to large pipeline projects.

Public Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement

Public Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement services include participant involvement and consultation/notification on Crown and private land, First Nations consultation and open house facilitation and coordination.

Crown Land Sales

Crown Land Sales services include confidential name use and postings.

Administrative Services

Administrative services include file set up for surface, Crown and mineral, payment of rentals, capability to pull titles and handle registration of titles in Western Canada, and third party requests for road use, crossings, proximity, encroachments, etc.

Project Coordination and Pre-Planning Services

Project Coordination and Pre-Planning services include market evaluation summaries, initiation and formal project set up of well site and pipeline projects, generation of field files and project tracking.