Gemini provides a full range of environmental services, from pre-site assessments to site reclamation for clients across Western Canada. On behalf of our clients, we strive to protect the environment, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our environmental team operates out of our Calgary, Sherwood Park and Fort St. John offices, allowing for greater responsiveness to on-site demands. Services provided include:


Pre-Construction Site Assessments

Our Pre-Construction Site Assessments include preliminary desktop reviews as well as soil, vegetation and wildlife reviews.

Waterbody & Watercourse Assessments

Professionally-trained personnel exist on our team to conduct Waterbody & Watercourse Assessments in accordance with Directive 56 of the AER.

Mitigation Planning

Site-specific mitigation plans can be developed for proposed well sites and pipelines to ensure environmental integrity and regulatory compliance.

Erosion and Sediment Control Planning & Implementation

Erosion and Sediment Control services are available for pipelines, well sites and other features, from planning to implementation and supervision.

Oil & Gas Activities Act (OGAA) & Water Act Approvals

Submissions of short-term (section 8) OGAA and Water Act approvals, change in and about a stream (section 9) OGAA and Water Act approvals, OGAA and Water Act licenses and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) notifications.

Enhanced Approval Process (EAP)

EAP submissions can be completed on-time and on-budget for Crown land approvals of proposed well sites, access roads and pipelines.

Agricultural Land Commission Applications

Submission of behalf of non-farm use applications and exclusion applications for the British Columbia Agricultural Land Commission.

Environmental Monitoring Programs

Our Environmental Monitoring Programs can complete various assessment and monitoring activities for ecological and biological components, wildlife habitat value, uncontrolled release planning, fish salvage and turbidity and stream quality.

Environmental Construction & Reclamation Supervision

Environmental Construction and Reclamation Supervision services may include supervising and conducting re-contouring, re-seeding, vegetation monitoring and tree planting on site.

Air Dispersion Modeling (AERMOD)

Our team is capable of determining whether dispersion modeling is necessary for each project, and if deemed necessary, is able to complete the model and corresponding analysis.

Post-Construction Pipeline Right of Way Assessments

Following reclamation efforts, our team has the capability to assess the success and compliance of the reclamation in a post-construction assessment.