Based in Calgary, Gemini is a professional services firm that has been providing multi-disciplined engineering and field solutions for energy and industrial facilities in western Canada.
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Gemini’s Engineered Solutions Team is a multidiscipline group focussed on delivering client solutions on all types of engineering projects. Our diverse group of engineers, technologists and designers bring a wide level of expertise balanced with flexibility and agility to meet the business needs of our clients. Find out more about our team below.

Project Management

Our project management team consists of engineers and technologists of all levels. The team includes Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Engineers and Project Coordinators.  This team is directly accountable to our clients for the execution of all engineering and design build project work.  They provide leadership to the project team, implement and manage client requirements, drive project execution, coordinate multidiscipline engineering work, cultivate technical solutions and innovate fit for purpose project solutions.


The Gemini Process team provides overall systems engineering and detailed process engineering capabilities to the Gemini engineering team. They are experts at simulation; process flow and material balance development; process control development; and facility/system optimization for enhanced process performance.

Our team includes technical experts in oil and gas production facilities; gas and gas liquids processing; oil sands extraction processes; chemical plants; and oilfield and industrial waste treatment. The team works through all points in facility lifecycles from facility process conceptual modeling and studies to debottlenecking operating facilities.


The Mechanical team provides mechanical equipment specification and design, materials selection and stress analysis. In particular this team is familiar with the impacts of various processes on material and equipment lifecycles. The team will also assist the process team in thermal energy management and specifying recovery options for energy efficient processes.

Our mechanical team consists of generalist engineers & technologists who work in a team environment to support our clients’ needs. Our team includes experts in rotating and static equipment; pipe stress; pipeline design; compressor selection and optimization; and piping and materials specification development.

Plant Layout and Piping

The Plant Layout and Piping team is well versed in the design and layout of all manner of oil and gas facilities including SAGD facilities; heavy and conventional oil tank batteries and terminals; gas processing and compression facilities; pipelines; well sites; and waste product handling facilities. They render plant designs using 3D modeling as their primary tool.  They also work in 2D CAD environments to extract and develop detailed engineering drawings.  Often working in conjunction with our fabrication and construction experts from the Field Solutions team, the Plant Layout and Piping team drives their designs to optimize modularization and constructability.

The team also provides general drafting support to the mechanical and process teams.

Civil/Structural Engineering and Design

The Civil/Structural team provides civil engineering and design services as part of our project teams including earthworks, foundations and pile designs as well as structural engineering and design. The team is comprised of engineers, technologists, designers and CAD specialists. The team works very closely with our Field Solutions and Plant Layout and Piping team to generate civil/structural solutions for our clients.


The Electrical team is comprised of engineers, technologists, designer and CAD operators that provide electrical engineering and design services as part of our project teams. Their work includes power system design, lighting and utility design, electrical heat trace design, and substations and power distribution.


The automation team consists of instrumentation and controls specialists, technologists and engineers. We specialize in all aspects of instrumentation and controls ranging from field instrumentation to complex programmable logic controller (PLC) programming. Project experience includes facilities for SAGD, gas processing, FST’s, pipelines, compressor stations and petrochemical plants.