Alliances and Multi-Year Agreements

Gemini strategically embraces the concept of partnering through business Alliances where the sum of two contributing parties creates a more relevant offer for mutual success, continuity of service and sustainable growth. This thought process extends both to our key customers and other symbiotic service companies in addition to being a key employee retention strategy. Gemini’s Alliance business relationships ensure business and cultural alignment is in sync to produce our desired goals of foundational stability and platforms to grow upon.

KMP_5419_writingCustomer Alliance and Multi-year agreements create a strengthened relationship with improved communication that is sustained over several years. For Gemini it positions a business foundation that allows investment in people and productivity tools for continuous improvement and project execution excellence. For our customers it produces guaranteed access to premier Engineering and Field resources and the continuity of a dedicated program team with a clear understanding of client value drivers to ensure project execution success.

Strategic business alliances are critical to Gemini’s future success as they provide premier access to resources that extend Gemini’s expertise and capacity in a scalable and cost effective fashion.  In a collaborative fashion Gemini and its alliance partners are able to position a strengthened value offer to the energy industry for enhanced project execution.

Current Key Customer Alliance Agreements

Current Strategic Business Alliances